Monday, 19 October 2020

Half-Term Chess

It has been great to be physically back in schools coaching chess again. But online chess has a huge amount going for it as well. We will get the best of both worlds in the future with over the board clubs, competitions and coaching running parallel with the same online.

CJCC continues online. We have a fortnightly Saturday morning tournament at followed by coaching over Zoom for the less experienced players. We also have fortnightly blitz tournaments on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings at 

Our players take part in Team Battle Blitzes on lichess, playing for CJCC, KEGS, Brentwood School and Essex Juniors. There are a myriad of other competitions and great learning material on both sites.

Last Sunday, George (EvenNimbleCamel) organised his own tournament at because he wanted to play and there wasn't one organised. George had Berserked to victory the day before in the CJCC Blitz but he didn't make the podium in his own event (Rowan from Suffolk taking the honours).

We have an Essex Arena Battle Blitz on Sunday 25th, giving CJCC Battle Blitz players the chance to represent CJCC or their own school. There is also a CJCC Halloween Coaching Day on 31st October.

Keep an eye on the emailed calendar and club news sections on lichess and ChessKid for upcoming events - there are always some just around the corner.

Best Wishes

Robin Slade (

Sunday, 27 September 2020

CJCC in Essex Arena Battle Blitz and ChessKid Change

We had a great 4-way Essex Arena Battle Blitz contest this morning. Thank you to everyone who took part.

Brentwood School 81, KEGS 71, CJCC 70, Colchester Juniors 53.

Brentwood School got their revenge after losing a 22-board match 23-21 to KEGS on Thursday. Fantastic to have that many students giving up their evening to play.

Former CJCC players Nina and Max led Brentwood School to victory with 20 wins between them. Quite a few of our older players were playing for KEGS.

Well done to George - EvenNimbleCamel - for playing more games than anyone else and being CJCC's top scorer. We were so close to second!

ChessKid Early Riser tournament 9am Saturday with coaching to follow for the less experienced players. Open to all. Blitz on at 11am to follow.

Brentwood School Mad Blitz Sunday 4th October on is open to all Essex and Suffolk Juniors. Former CJCC parent International Master Richard Pert is due to play and stream live commentary on his twitch channel. Link via the tournament page.

Best Wishes

Robin Slade (

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Online Success for Olga and Upcoming Blitz Battles

Congratulations to Olga Latypova who has won two big online events recently - the 4NCL U1700 (a national competition) and the Essex Online U150. Both these events are open to adults and juniors. 

Here is Olga with her fragile-looking 4NCL trophy. Thank you to her dad Egor for the photo.

This weekend former CJCC player Nina will represent England in the European Online U12 Championships. The best of luck to her.

All CJCC players are invited to play in the Essex 4-Way Arena Battle Blitz on Sunday 27th. CJCC vs Colchester Juniors vs KEGS vs Brentwood. It should be fun! Essex Blitz Battle Team Battle 2709 •

This Saturday will see the first CJCC tournament double. Rising Stars (with coaching afterwards) at at 9am with the CJCC Blitz at at 11am. As ever, it will all be on Zoom to add to the social feel.

Just as well there is plenty of online chess to enjoy because competitive chess over the board seems a long way off. Both sites also have some excellent learning material. If you would like to know more, please get in touch.

Best Wishes

Robin Slade ( 

Monday, 24 August 2020

New Term Timetable

CJCC will remain online for the autumn term. Social distancing guidelines will not allow us to meet face-to-face as a club for a little while yet. One day however....

Our new online timetable is below. Fortnightly tournaments on Wednesdays and Saturdays. All will have Zoom running alongside to allow coaching and social chatter.

The Rising Stars events are specifically designed to help our younger and less experienced players. The tournaments will be followed by a short coaching session on ChessKid for these players using Zoom and ScreenShare.

Wednesday 9th September - 7pm CJCC tournament at

Saturday 19th September - 9am Rising Stars at (for those rated under 1000).

Saturday 19th September - 11am CJCC Saturday Blitz at 

Wednesday 23rd September - 7pm CJCC tournament at

Saturday 3rd October  - 9am Rising Stars at (for those rated under 1000).

Saturday 3rd October - 11am CJCC Saturday Blitz at 

Wednesday 7th October - 7pm CJCC tournament at

Saturday 17th October  - 9am Rising Stars at (for those rated under 1000).

Saturday 17th October - 11am CJCC Saturday Blitz at 

Saturday 31st October - CJCC Halloween Coaching Day.

CJCC now has around 100 members and all are welcome to join. Members have their own student accounts at ChessKid and Lichess which give them access to a whole new world of chess playing, puzzling and learning.

Please get in touch with any questions about CJCC or Essex Junior Chess.

Best Wishes

Robin Slade (

Thursday, 6 August 2020

CJCC's First Battle Blitz Match

Tonight I organised a 3-way Arena Battle Blitz Match at between CJCC, Brentwood School and KEGS.

This was CJCC's first ever chess match. CJCC finished very respectably between Brentwood and KEGS on 103 points.

13 CJCC players made up our team. More were representing their schools. George (EvenNimbleCamel) was CJCC's top scorer. CJCC player Evan (GingerNinja20) top-scored for KEGS (where he starts in September).

This was all about having fun representing your club or school. Over 40 children entered. We will do it again.

Coming up in the next week...

Sat 8th  - CJCC Blitz at Lichess.
Sun 9th - Brentwood School Blitz at Lichess.
Mon 10th - St Cedd's Closed Tournament on ChessKid.
Tue 11th - CJCC Closed Blitz on ChessKid.
Wed 12th - Brentwood School Social Tournament on Lichess.
Thu 13th - KEGS Year 7 Tournament on Lichess.

All apart from the Brentwood Blitz will have Zoom running alongside to add to the fun.

Best Wishes
Robin Slade

Monday, 13 July 2020

100 Online Members

CJCC continues to grow online with our mix of tournaments and coaching, split between and

Using Zoom during some of the tournaments and to deliver group coaching sessions means it feels like a real club despite being in a virtual world.

We now have 100 members online which is a great feeling.

This week (14th) we'll have our Rising Stars and Superstars tournaments on ChessKid.

Next week (21st) we'll have our first Chess960 Arena Blitz on Lichess with (as usual for CJCC Lichess events) Zoom running alongside.

Saturday 25th July will see the latest CJCC Group Coaching Day using Zoom ScreenShare with Lichess. This time, practical chess endgames.

I also run online chess for Brentwood School, KEGS, St Cedd's and Elm Green.

One advantage of being online is to allow future KEGS students to represent their new school and meet the current KEGS players ahead of starting in September. Many CJCC players have also been part of the Essex Junior Battle Blitz team.

Good luck to our Gigafinalists. Well done to Olga who won the first U12 Girls Gigafinal and goes straight through to the Terafinal.

The world of online chess continues to grow!

Best Wishes
Robin Slade

Saturday, 20 June 2020

CJCC online update

CJCC continues to expand and develop online along with chess in general.

We alternate our Tuesdays between and The majority of the children have student accounts I have created on both sites.

On ChessKid we have two tournaments - Rising Stars at 4pm and Superstars at 5pm. On lichess we all play in one tournament at 4.30pm with the option of linking up on Zoom. Occasionally, our lichess tournament is a chess variant tournament like Crazyhouse.

In addition CJCC have two different Saturday events at

There is a monthly CJCC Saturday Blitz Tournament open to any Essex Junior player below a certain grade. I also organise a Sunday Blitz the following day on behalf of Brentwood School open to any Essex Juniors regardless of grade. Many CJCC players choose to play in both.

There is also a monthly CJCC Coaching Day where I deliver coaching sessions to small groups via Zoom and Lichess. Using Zoom's screenshare facility, we can all view the same chess positions while we discuss them. Next Saturday (27th June) 22 children have signed up split into 4 groups when we will look at lessons to learn from a complete game and complimentary positions.

If you wish to join CJCC's online adventure or find out more about online chess please email me.

Good luck to Luoke ("NewWhiteBaseball", Year 3) who has qualified to represent a UK junior team against the USA in an online match next week.

Best Wishes
Robin Slade