Sunday, 9 February 2020

Southend tournament and new half-term dates

Another weekend, another chess tournament. Below are Solan and Joshua playing each other and looking focussed at the Essex Junior Chess Association Southend Grand Prix today.

The next Essex junior tournament is the British Chess Brentwood Junior Open on 1st March. This one unusually has a section just for players without a grade. Details at

This week (11th) is our last meeting before half-term. We'll meet back on 25th February with the younger group. Our dates up to Easter will be...

Younger Group - 25/2, 10/3, 24/03
Older Group - 3/3, 17/3.

We will return after Easter on Tuesday 21st April.

Best Wishes

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Chess Weekend and Twitter

This has been a full chess weekend sandwiched by chess at Elm Green (Friday) and St Cedd's tomorrow (Monday).

Saturday saw the local qualification stage for the National Primary Schools Chess Championship with 26 teams from Essex and London. CJCC players represented St Anne's, St Cedd's and Moulsham.

I was with St Cedd's who did splendidly to qualify for the National semi-finals in the U9 and U11 competition. CJCC's Maheep (Year 6) and Sid (Year 2) led the teams. Moulsham U9's did even better and finished 2nd overall with CJCC's Sachin and George on the top two boards.

Sunday saw the latest Coaching Day organised by the Essex Junior Chess Association. The EJCA are responsible for much of the junior chess in Essex. They can be found at and @essexchess.

I've also started to tweet on CJCC and the junior chess I'm involved with @robinslade65.

In action from Sunday below are two CJCC players. Hugo (Year 1) had a full weekend as he was part of the St Cedd's U9 team on Saturday as well which was his first chess competition.

 Hugo about to move against Ruqayyah. Neili is poised with her pencil behind.

Joshua (on the right) against Neili's brother Viru. Fellow CJCC player Xander is next to Joshua.

Best Wishes

Thursday, 30 January 2020

New Grades,Tournament Standings and Future Dates

The new chess grades are out. Click at if you are brave enough.

4 weeks into term and 68 children have played a total of 90 games in our UK Chess Challenge tournament. Next week I'll hand out chess mascots to everyone who has reached 11 points.

In our challenge match this week a combined St. Anne's / KEGS Year 7 team beat the rest of the club by 5 wins to 4 with one draw.

Congratulations to Luoke (Year 3) who is the first player to complete 7 rounds and is our tournament leader on 17 points. Luoke has also just got his first chess grade.

On 1st March at the Brentwood Junior tournament there is a section specifically for players in Year 6 and below who haven't got a grade. No other junior tournament in Essex has such a section. This makes it an ideal first tournament for anyone who can confidently move the pieces on their own. Details at

Good luck to CCJC players representing their junior schools this Saturday (St. Anne's, St. Cedd's and Moulsham) at the National Primary School Chess Championship.

Up to half-term we have the younger half on 4th February and the older half on 11th February. We'll meet back after half-term with the younger half on 25th February.

Best Wishes

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Younger Group Photos

This week (21st January) was the turn of the younger players. We had a busy week at the club with over 30 players including Mason and Owen along for the first time.

Shaasvath was our Player of the Week for winning his first ever game at the club after stalemating Janet (4 queens were too many!) and losing in 4 moves to Louis. On the giant board we looked at the Louis Mate and the Hugo Mate (Hugo won in 2 moves at school).

Special thanks to Elizabeth for her patience in helping Hannah and Kamilla play a whole game. Well done to Rhys as well for managing a full game on his own against Owen.

Luoke (Year 3) has moved into the overall lead among the younger players with 3 wins and 2 draws from his 5 games. Sebastian and Shrishti are close behind. John remains the overall leader (one point ahead of Luoke). Sid and Maya are among those who started with 2 wins this week.

In between shuffling the players and patching up Arjun (chess finger wound) I took the photos below.

Samira and Joshua had a long game. Sid, Ben and Rishi are also in the picture.

Robert is playing Owen closest to the camera.

Kamilla and Hannah had a game that lasted all afternoon (helped by Elizabeth).

Lawrence about to move against tournament leader John (watched by Ethan).

Best Wishes

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

UK Chess Challenge and New Members

We are two weeks into the new term at CJCC.

Already we have welcomed 9 new members - Hannah, Sachin, Arjun, Shaasvath, Hugo, Amelia, Henry, Yashas and Daniel. I think that is all of them!

We are also two weeks into the UK Chess Challenge - our 7-round tournament running up to Easter.

Adam is leading with 9 points (3 wins) from John with 8. Most players have only played 2 rounds (you can only play 2 rounds a week) and of these only Joshua O, Evan and Shristi have 6 points.

Shristi (Year 3) was a checkmating machine the first week and won the Player of the Week trophy.

Already we have played over 40 games and 50 children have taken part.

All of which means no photos yet this term - I've been too busy pairing the tournament and doing some group learning on the demonstration board.

Yesterday the older players watched World Champion Magnus Carlsen get it wrong (Eddie and his glove puppet guessed the right move) while the previous week the younger ones learned about pins and forks.

It is the turn of the younger players next week (21st).

Best Wishes

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Christmas Buffet and New Year

It was the CJCC Christmas Buffet today which is always a fun afternoon. Nice to see a few players who haven't been along for a while making a food-influenced return. Thank you to all the parents and players who brought along food and particularly helped clear up.

Alice won a special trophy today for all her help through the year.

We'll meet back on Tuesday 7th January with the younger players. Our dates through to half-term will be...

Younger Group  - 7th January, 21st January, 4th February.

Older Group - 14th January, 28th January, 11th February.

Between Christmas and Easter we'll take part in the UK Chess Challenge. This is a 7-round internal tournament everyone can play in which leads to Megafinals, Gigafinals and Terafinals for those who qualify with badges, gold spots and furry chess mascots for all along the way.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas. Good luck to those playing in the LJCC.

Best Wishes

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

CJCC in Competition 19th November

I slipped two CJCC teams into a Year 7 and 8 school team competition KEGS were hosting and I was controlling on behalf of the English Chess Federation. Most of the players were in Year 6 and potentially joining KEGS next year.

It was a fun afternoon with the games played in excellent spirit. The CJCC players did pretty well but more importantly had a nice introduction to chess at KEGS.

CJCC A (Toby, Charlie, Evan, Luv and Karunya) scored wins over CCHS B and KEGS Yr 7 B in their 4 matches. CJCC B (Maheep, Adam, Hector, Hriday and Pankil) also beat CCHS B and drew with KEGS Yr 7 B. The A and B tags are misleading as I balanced the strength of the CJCC and KEGS teams.

Both KEGS Year 7 teams were led by current CJCC players. CJCC were also represented by current or former players in the victorious Brentwood A team, CCHS A, CCHS B and KEGS Year 8s.

 CJCC B heading for a tied match with KEGS Year 7 B. Hector and Pankil look deep in thought.

 Toby and Charlie looking focussed against CCHS B team.

The final game to finish drew a big crowd. In the picture are 6 current or former CJCC players representing 5 schools. This interest in and enthusiasm for the chess was great to see.

Next Tuesday (26th) will be a normal club meeting for the older players at CJCC.

Best Wishes