Tuesday, 29 January 2019

CJCC Week 4 Photos

It was great to see Wolfie (on his 8th birthday) after his chess break and to welcome Adi, Luv and Kush to the club for the first time.

We carried on with the UK Chess Challenge and the younger players all got a Chess Battle Manual and an invitation to take part in online chess as part of the Challenge.

Alice S kindly took the photos below. Alice is one of the Year 7 players always willing to help the younger ones which is a vital part of the club. Special thanks to James today for all his patient work with Pranshi and Alex.

Kush watching his brother Luv's game with Vivaan carefully. Birthday boy Wolfie in the background.

Josh playing Khrisha closest to the camera. Khrisha's brother Rishi next to her has his "Best Newcomer" trophy with him from his first ever tournament.

 Adi (age 5) on the right nearest the camera about to move against fellow St. Cedds player Tokumbo.

Solan is happy about something. The board looks like a battle zone. No wonder the pieces get mixed up!

Olga about to move against Dinil. James is standing who did a marvellous job helping Pranshi and Alex play their game today.

Good luck to all our players taking part in the Essex qualifier for the National Primary Schools Chess Championship on Saturday at Moulsham School. It will be a busy weekend with the Essex Junior Chess Association coaching day on the Sunday (also at Moulsham).

Moulsham Junior School have 6 teams taking part who will all be managed by old pupils who are current or former CJCC players. Mildmay's team is also managed by an older CJCC player. Passing on your experience like this is an important part of our club ethos.

Best Wishes

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

CJCC January Chess

We are 3 weeks into the term and the UK Chess Challenge is currently led by James Naylor on 10 points (partly because he has played the most games!).

 It was the (mostly!) older players today. Alongside the tournament we enjoyed a clever queen sacrifice checkmate played by Toby in the London Junior Chess Championships over Christmas.

Khrisha, Cody and Hector are watching Millie's game with Jiyuan.

Jixuan is looking serious against tournament leader James. Evan and Anna would have an exciting draw next to them when they were left with just a king each.

Congratulations to our prize winners and competitors at the recent EJCA tournament in Southend. Rishi won the Best Newcomer trophy in the U9s. Olga (Year 5) and James Zarzecki (Year 7) both played excellently to win money in the U18 Minor.

The new chess grades are out today. Have a look if you dare!

Please get in touch if you have any questions about the club or junior chess in Essex.

Best Wishes

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

New Term - UK Chess Challenge

Happy New Year!

CJCC will start back on Tuesday 8th January with the older players.

I have a boxful of badges, gold stickers, furry creatures, chess advice booklets and trophies which means it is time to start the UK Chess Challenge. Everyone will have a chance to win gold spots and a furry friend or two then move forward to the Essex Megafinal.

Best Wishes

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Christmas Holidays and 2019

CJCC has broken up now until Tuesday 8th January when we will kick off the UK Chess Challenge (badges, gold spots, furry creatures and all) with the older players.

Thank you to everyone who bought food, performed music and especially helped clear up at our Christmas Buffet Musical Extravaganza. It was great so many of our players were keen to get on stage to perform and share their non-chess talents with the club.

Good luck to our players at the London Junior Chess Championships this month.

Entry forms will soon be available for the next EJCA tournament (Sunday 13th January in Southend) at www.ejca.co.uk

Entry has opened at www.britishchess.co.uk for the British Chess Train and Play day at Brentwood School on Sunday 3rd March. Guest coaches Grandmaster Matthew Sadler (the UK's highest ECF-rated player) and Women's International Master Natasha Regan will join International Master Richard Pert and myself. This event is likely to sell out so dn't leave it too late!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Best Wishes

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Last Sunday, next Sunday and today's club

Last Sunday (18th) I was helping run a tournament on behalf of the Essex Junior Chess Association at Basildon. Quite a few of our players were involved and did very well.

Sid got a special trophy today (see photo below) because he concentrated and played very well to beat the highest-rated player in the U8s despite being the youngest player in the tournament himself. Vivaan also won a trophy today for his play at the club.

Next Sunday (25th) I'm involved with running a secondary school tournament at KEGS. Plenty of CCJC interest in the KEGS and Moulsham teams.

CJCC players Eddie and Theo have organised the Moulsham teams themselves because they wanted to play and their school didn't enter. They've even recruited our snack tsar Leon (Year 10) into a team for his first competitive chess since Year 6.

 Nice to welcome Bertie and Phoebe back to the club.

 Dinil had a great battle with Prady before finally winning.

 Scott plays the Alices watched by Aoife and Roisin. Milana looks excited behind.

Sid with his trophy together with his brother Prady (it was Egyptian Day for Year 3 at St. Cedds!) and his classmate Tokunbo.

Best Wishes

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

CJCC 13th November

Older group today. We are in the middle of an all-play-all tournament. Some of the Year 7 and 8 players practiced a time control (8 minutes plus 2 seconds a move) they'll be using at a secondary school team event on the 25th November.

At the end of the session we all looked together at the end of a game that cost former CJCC parent IM Richard Pert a few thousand pounds last week. One slip at the end of Round 9 undid all the good work of the previous 4 days. Harsh game sometimes. Well done to Adam Baker for finding the plausible but flawed move Richard played and to the others who found a better one.

 Tom engrossed by Lucas's match with Leon. Welcome back to Lucas after a year away.

 Cody and Adam's sculpture.

 Saad (standing) also made a welcome return to the club after a long break.

Toby looks worried by the Alice and Alice team. His king looks in trouble but he went on to win.

Nye from the younger group with his Player of the Week trophy. He is one of our most improved players this term.

Best Wishes

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

CJCC Dates to Christmas and Tournament Report

No club next week (23rd) because it is half-term. Back on 30th October with the dates up to Christmas expected to run as follows.

Older Group  - 30th Oct, 13th Nov, 27th Nov
Younger Group  - 6th Nov, 20th Nov, 4th Dec

Everyone - 11th December. Special Christmas Buffet.

The older players will be involved in an all-play-all tournament. The younger ones in a ladder tournament with upward progress down to learning, enthusiasm and a willingness to help others as well as wins. 

We have quite a few new players just starting on their chess journey and it is important that everyone helps them on their way. This week we welcomed Aoife who joins a growing group of young girls at the club.

Over 20 current CJCC players took part in the EJCA Tournament at Moulsham Junior School at the weekend. All of them won at least 1 game and conducted themselves excellently but I'd like to mention 4 players who caught my eye.

Olga narrowly missed a trophy in the U12s. Maheep scored an impressive 4/6 in the U10s including beating 2 players graded over 70. Ben P chose to enter the top section and did very well to score 2.5/6. Nye showed great determination in his first tournament to score 2 wins in the U10s.

Best Wishes