Thursday, 19 September 2019

Two Weeks In

Two weeks into the new term at CJCC. One week for each half of the club. It has been great to see so many old players and welcome new ones.

This week (17th September) was the turn of the younger half. Welcome to Edith, Sai, Maya, Samira, Kamilla, Petr and Eva. Well done to Shrishti for being my Player of the Week for her smothered knight checkmate.

Nice to see so many girls at the club and also to have so many children borrow a chess book to help them.

We might have had more photos if I had remembered to tell guest photographer Kush to hold the camera still.

Edith, Samira and Kamilla are just learning to play so teamed up against Pranshi. The girls did really well with their learning helped by a rotating group of other children.

Sid (head in hands) and Rishi are carefully watching Posi and Tokumbo. Looking at the board they might be playing one of Tokumbo's special versions of chess.

Best Wishes

Monday, 26 August 2019

New Season

CJCC will restart on Tuesday 10th September with the older players. 4.30pm to 6pm as before. The dates for the rest of the half-term are below.

Older Players (Year 5 and above) - 10/09, 24/09, 8/10.
Younger Players (Year 4 and below) - 17/09, 01/10, 15/10.

One chess date to mark in your diary:

Saturday 19th October EJCA Grand Prix tournament in Chelmsford.

Best Wishes

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

British Chess Holiday Camp

Monday and Tuesday this week saw the British Chess Holiday Camp - two days of chess learning and playing.

IM Richard Pert and I were joined at different times by GM and former British Champion Joanthan Rowson and older Essex Juniors Daniel, Scott and Asci to deliver the coaching.

A full report and video clip will appear on the blog at but below are some photos to give a taster of the event.

GM Jonathan Rowson in a simultaneous match with Asci and Daniel helping against the lower half.

Guha vs Rezin closest to the camera.

Nina (British U11 Girl's Champion) and Olga - two of the UK's strongest girls for their age - in battle on the top board.
Kush employs the little known Slinky Defence to keep his king safe in his all-CJCC match with Nye.

Looking ahead I'll be delivering a morning of chess coaching at the CJCC venue on Saturday 24th August then there is an invitational EJCA coaching day on 8th September.

The regular CJCC season will kick off with the older players on 10th September.

Best Wishes

Friday, 26 July 2019

Gigafinal and Terafinal

Well done to all our players who qualified for and played in one of four National Gigafinals in the last few weeks. Many congratulations to CJCC players Anna, Jixuan and Dinil who all qualified for the Terafinal Challengers. Former CJCC player Jake also qualified.

Three of our former players (Olga, Nina and Max) did even better and qualified for the main Terafinal (the National Final) by winning their age groups at a Gigafinal.

Olga, Nina, Max and Jake are currently at the British Championships so the best of luck to them.

The British Championship and the new chess grades can all be found at ECF.

Congratulations to Anna (centre) and Olga (right) on their Gigafinal results. Olga's wounded sister Vera went along for moral support. In lieu of a chess photo this is from Anna's school production last week where she was Mowgli.

Best Wishes

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

CJCC August Coaching

The regular CJCC club finished today for the summer. We will meet back on Tuesday 10th September. It was sad to say goodbye to a few players who are leaving Chelmsford for a fresh adventure.

Good luck to our players competing in the Gigafinals this weekend. Hopefully they can qualify for the Terafinal Challengers.

I am running two coaching sessions at CJCC in August. These will run for two hours with a mix of coaching in small groups or 1-to-1 and guided playing. Numbers are strictly limited with entry by email in advance. The sessions run 2pm-4pm on Tuesday 6th August and 10am-12 noon on Saturday 24th August. The cost is £10 per session.

Related image
British Chess are running a two-day Holiday Camp on 19th and 20th August for tournament players. Details at

Just before CJCC returns the EJCA will run an invitational coaching day in Chelmsford on 8th September for stronger or promising Essex juniors.

Have a great summer if I don't see you before September.

Best Wishes

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Essex Junior Chess Association facebook

The Essex Junior Chess Association ( is responsible for running the majority of junior chess activities in Essex.

They now have a new facebook page which will report on all junior chess within Essex and is being run by one of the older Essex juniors so please take the trouble to click onto it and follow or like the page.

Good luck Sarah - it is an excellent initiative.

Best Wishes

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

No Club 2nd July

Don't forget there is no club next week (2nd July) because I am away with KEGS at the National U19 School Finals. James, who has been along all year helping us out, and long-term helper Scott will both be playing.

The club will be open on 9th and 16th July to everyone. After that we will break up for the summer. I plan to run some sessions over the holidays so watch this space....

Best Wishes