Tuesday, 27 September 2016

October Chess

CJCC has split as last season into 2 separate clubs based on age with each half meeting fortnightly. The dates up to half-term are below

 4th October – Older Half
11th October – Younger Half
18th October – Older Half and Josh’s Birthday Celebration Day.

We’ll be closed half-term week and reopen on 1st November with the younger half.
We've also started 2 ladder tournaments where you move up for winning games, teaching chess skills, demonstrating a new skill or solving puzzles. Positions are fluid but after Week 1 Lucas and Illamaaran lead the younger half and Nina and Alice the older.

 Below are the dates for a number of upcoming chess events. If you would like further details of any of them please get in touch. Don’t leave it too long before entering – the Brentwood ones in particular will quickly become fully booked. Like Christmas these events will be here before you know it.

8th October – EJCA tournament in Chelmsford (entry form at www.ejca.co.uk)
16th October – 2nd Brentwood Train and Play (entry form below)

6th November – 2nd EJCA Coaching Day at Writtle (near Chelmsford)
13th November – 3rd Brentwood Train and Play (with special simultaneous challenge)
20th November – Basildon Rapidplay (2nd EJCA Grand Prix event)
4th December – 3rd EJCA Coaching Day

Best Wishes

Sunday, 11 September 2016

1st Brentwood Train and Play

Today (Sunday 11th September) was the 1st Brentwood Train and Play which saw a number of CJCC players take part. This was a new event combining coaching sessions with a team competition that was organised jointly by me and British Rapidplay Champion IM Richard Pert. CJCC parent Russell White and English Chess Federation coach Tim Woolgar completed the coaching team.

Team Bobby Fischer (our youngest team) won the team prize by a single point. They were managed by former British junior champion Aditya Verma and over half the team played in the British U8s or U9s Championships in the summer.

The next Train and Play event will be on Sunday 16th October. The first one reached full capacity so if you wish to enter the next one please email me for an entry form.


Best Wishes

Friday, 9 September 2016

Week One (and future dates)

CJCC met back on 6th September and it was lovely to see so many players there. Photos from Week One below. From next week we’ll split the club by age to make the numbers sensible and give more structure and coaching to the chess.

These boundaries are fluid. If particularly Year 5s want to come to the younger week and Year 4s to the older one that is fine. If you have siblings bring them both to whichever is most convenient and if you can only come occasionally pop along when you can.

So dates up to half-term …

13th September – Younger Group (Years 1-4)
20th September – Older Group (Years 5-8)
27th September – Younger Group
4th October – Older Group
11th October – Younger Group
18th October – Older Group

We’ll be closed half-term (25th October) then reopen on 1st November with the younger group.

Best Wishes