Saturday, 26 May 2018

Colchester Grand Prix

Today was the EJCA Grand Prix tournament at Colchester. As ever quite a few CJCC players took part and well done to Jake for winning a trophy in the U11s. 6 CJCC players were in the U9s which is a great sign for the future.

Special congratulations to Josh. He lost his first ever game on time today and won his first ever tournament prize. Josh reminds me he is the player who has been coming on Tuesdays the longest (4+ years) so perhaps it is about time.

Best Wishes

Tuesday, 22 May 2018


No club next week (29th May) because it is half-term. We'll be back on 5th June with the older players. Younger players today (plus a few older guests).

Shray getting excited while Gavin does some working out.

A Giant Cody. A frightening prospect.

Something has amused Eddie and Scott. Plenty of laughter at the club today.

Best Wishes

Camber Sands EPSCA Tournament

Last weekend was the English Primary School Chess Association tournament at Camber Sands. Teams of 6 at U11 or U9 level had qualified for this semi-final with the top 3 in each section going on to the National Final.

CJCC and Essex interest was in the U11s where 40 teams took part. Many congratulations to Brentwood Prep (with CJCC's Jake) for winning the event and qualifying for the final. Former CJCC players Nina and Max were on the top two boards.

All the Moulsham team are current CJCC players and it was great to see them bounce back on day two to finish on 15/30. Photo below  - right to left - of Felix, Toby, Adam and Eddie in action. Ilamaaran and James were the other two players.

I was officially there with Elm Green who had former CJCC players Jerry and Harry on the top two boards. Jerry always looks this focused at the board but this is a rare sight of Harry sitting down (he generally plays standing). Congratulations to Elm Green for winning a Gold Award for finishing in the top third.

This weekend it is the Essex Junior Chess Association tournament at Colchester. No shortage of junior chess events to choose from.

Best Wishes

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

CJCC Moulsham Match

Today we had a match between Moulsham students and the rest of the club. Moulsham ran out winners by 7.5 to 6. Below are some photos Josh took.

Eddie P was Player of the Week for scoring 2.5/3 in the match while Felix impressed by beating Alice, Eddie H and Alex in a simultaneous challenge at the end.

Next week will be the younger players before we break up for half-term.

Best Wishes

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Weekend Results - Brentwood U12 and Essex Megafinal

On Saturday I was co-organising the Brentwood U12 Open. It was great to have 12 CJCC players there for what is a particularly nice event for those new to tournament chess.

Olga was CJCC's top scorer with 4.5/6 but a good effort all round. A special mention to Hugo for getting a prize for his work in the coaching room and Prasid for his prize as the tournament's youngest player (scoring 1.5/6). Hugo, Prasid, Pradyun, Anish and Cody were all in their first tournament and did themselves proud with their approach and results.

Fraser deep in concentration aganist Mae closest to the camera. CJCC players Bertie and Jake playing each other 3 boards along.

Furthest left CJCC's Josh (Year 7) concentrating against Mae's brother Rezin (Year 1). Experience told in the end.
CJCC's Pradyun on the right against Lucy. Like many of the younger competitors it was their first tournament.

Sunday was the Essex Megafinal with 19 players from CJCC competing. They had won their places in the UK Chess Challenge tournament we held between Christmas and Easter.

12 players managed to score 3.5/6 or more to qualify for the South of England Gigafinal. Our best section was the U9s with Olga becoming Essex Suprema, Jixuan coming third and Lawrence and Adam also qualifying. All 19 CJCC players won at least one game which was great to see.

Best Wishes

Friday, 11 May 2018

Chess Websites

Pretty busy week of chess for me ahead of Saturday's Brentwood U12 Open and Sunday's Essex Megafinal. I've been at Brentwood Prep School setting up this afternoon. The best of luck to all CJCC players at either event. Also to the CJCC players off to Camber Sands next weekend with their schools for the EPSCA semi-final.

Prompted by an email (thank you Sarah) I've put together a list of chess websites that you might find useful at different times. The bottom link is one Sarah's daughter found while researching her homework (what a good school she must go to).                      Train and Play events                                  Essex Junior Chess Association                             Great children’s online learning and playing tool                 Educational chess teaching site.             Chelmsford (adult) Chess Club                   English Chess Federation                      Essex Chess Association                                London chess shop and online retailer                                 Biggest online chess playing and learning site    National competition CJCC are part of   Interesting and varied site 

Best Wishes