Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Chess Craft

George is making the most of CJCC online, playing tournaments and learning on ChessKid and Lichess. George and I are having some good Slow Chess battles on ChessKid.

But George - redhairedgenius on ChessKid and EvenNimbleCamel on Lichess - is on the blog for crafting not chess skill. He has made the giant chess set in the photo below to help him practice.

George's pieces are attached by blu-tac so can be moved about.

Well done to George. Great to see what other talents CJCC players have.

Best Wishes

Friday, 22 May 2020

International Honours

There is plenty of online chess around at the moment.

This week CJCC player Shrishti was brave enough to accept an invitation to represent an English women's team in an international match at www.lichess.org

Although this was an adult team, Shrishti (who is in Year 3) managed to win 4 games out of 7 and help England to win their match.

So if you lose to EthicalMoose in a CJCC tournament on lichess, you know you've lost to an international player.

This weekend quite a few current and former CJCC players are playing in a 25 board match I've organised between KEGS and Brentwood School on lichess.

Best Wishes

Monday, 11 May 2020

CJCC Chess Graduate

One of the nice things about running a junior club for so long is watching the players grow on and off the board.

Max first came to my club when he was 4. He has moved on since (and got a bit bigger) but never lost his love of playing and particularly attacking.

Currently, Max is playing a series of blitz tournaments with chess GMs and IMs. This week he got to play GM Peter Svidler.

Peter Svidler is a chess legend. A multi-time Russian Champion and these days just outside the world's top 20.

What would happen when one of CJCC's strongest graduates met one of the world's best players? Alas, Goliath beat David although Max has beaten a few titled players in the last few weeks.

CJCC is running its own tournaments online for our members (although without any chess legends taking part). To find out more, please get in touch.

Best Wishes