Saturday, 31 March 2018

UK Chess Challenge Final Scores

We finished our UK Chess Challenge tournament last week. Below are the final scores on our result sheets which are showing the signs of being poked by many small fingers. I've emailed everyone who has qualified for the Essex Megafinal on 13th May.

Special congratulations to our winners. Everyone who has completed 3 games will get a certificate and chess mascot when we meet up again after the holidays. We have trophies for the top three and three medals for special performances which will be also be handed out.

1st Place - Olga 20 points
2nd Place - Adam 19 points
Joint 3rd - Alice S and Eddie 17 points.

Olga with her trophy. Her draw with Scott in the final game left Olga with 6 wins and 1 draw from her 7 games. Olga is always willing to help the younger players as well as challenge the strongest so is a very worthy winner.

Best Wishes

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Last Week before Easter Holidays

This week was the final week of term and the final week of the UK Chess Challenge. Congratulations to Olga whose hard-fought draw with Scott meant she won with 20 points. A good chess week for Olga who was top board for the Essex Girls team at the weekend. The final scores will follow in a separate post but below are some pictures from today.

 Eddie taking on Prady, Maheep and Kai. Maheep won our Easter Egg Competition by correcting guessing it would take Cody 11 moves to complete a K+Q vs K checkmate on the demo board.

 Leon doing some teaching with Shray, Prasid and Oscar.

 Cody looking terrified against Vera. Wolfie and Karunya playing behind.

Theo F taking on George, Theo S and Kaan. Theo has been a big help this term with the younger players.

Hugo was our Player of the Week for his chess against Hriday and rate of improvement.

We'll meet back on 17th April with the older players.

Happy Easter!

Sunday, 18 March 2018

CJCC County Success and UK Chess Challenge Standings

Essex U11s had a great tournament on Saturday - finishing 3rd and qualifying for the National Finals. The whole team performed at a consistently high level with CJCC's players (Jake, Olga, Ben, Toby and Felix) scoring 12 points out of a possible 15. Amazingly the top 5 boards for Essex are young enough to play again in the team next year.

It was much tougher for the U9's the previous week but Olga, Maheep, Jixuan and Lawrence can be proud to have represented Essex. Maheep top scored for CJCC with 1.5/3.

Next weekend Alice Smerdon will make her debut for the Essex girls team alongside Olga and Annie so the best of luck to the three of them. Alice warmed up for the occasion by beating Scott in his simultaneous challenge in a game lasting over an hour.

We have a new leader in our tournament so congratulations to Adam. His win over Maheep took him to 19 points. Two weeks to go.

Best Wishes

Friday, 9 March 2018

Essex U9 and U11 Teams

March sees the start of the county U9 and U11 competitions. Both Essex teams play in a southern England qualifier in Richmond to try and reach the national finals.

This weekend from CJCC Lawrence, Jixuan and Maheep are playing for the U9's (Adam was invited but couldn't make it). Next weekend from CJCC Toby, Ben, Jake, Olga, Felix and Dinil are playing for the U11's. Good luck to all of them. Ben warmed up last night with his first win for the adult club in Chelmsford so congratulations to him.

Below Stewart is watching James and Neil's game this week with Eddie sitting waiting to challenge the winner.

Best Wishes

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

CJCC - Today's Meeting

Another busy afternoon with 30+ players so thank you to Scott and Russell for all their help. Neil was my Player of the Week for his fantastic reaction to getting a draw with James N. James Z played the best chess in beating Ben in a game that took all afternoon.

Good luck to Maheep, Lawrence and Jixuan when they play for Essex U9's for the first time this weekend. Adam was also invited but couldn't play.

 Phoebe's unicorn ears couldn't save her against Francesca or Saanvi. Confusing games to follow when the pieces got replaced by a mixture of toy unicorns and chess mascots.

 Jake looks concerned against Adam. Scott is keeping an eye on things.

 The two Alices playing with William and Leon behind.

 A more normal picture of Leon and Jake - snack proprietors past and present - not playing chess.

Bertie's game with Stewart is obviously not going well.

Best Wishes