Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Last Week before Easter Holidays

This week was the final week of term and the final week of the UK Chess Challenge. Congratulations to Olga whose hard-fought draw with Scott meant she won with 20 points. A good chess week for Olga who was top board for the Essex Girls team at the weekend. The final scores will follow in a separate post but below are some pictures from today.

 Eddie taking on Prady, Maheep and Kai. Maheep won our Easter Egg Competition by correcting guessing it would take Cody 11 moves to complete a K+Q vs K checkmate on the demo board.

 Leon doing some teaching with Shray, Prasid and Oscar.

 Cody looking terrified against Vera. Wolfie and Karunya playing behind.

Theo F taking on George, Theo S and Kaan. Theo has been a big help this term with the younger players.

Hugo was our Player of the Week for his chess against Hriday and rate of improvement.

We'll meet back on 17th April with the older players.

Happy Easter!

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