Monday, 27 February 2017

2nd H+H Fire Train and Play

Sunday saw the latest H+H Fire Train and Play event. This one was held at Brentwood Prep School and featured over 90 children with coaching from GM Matthew Sadler, GM Nick Pert, IM Richard Pert and myself. About half the children came from outside Essex.

The children were split into 4 groups based on chess ability and all enjoyed 3 coaching sessions with 3 different coaches interspersed with a 3 round tournament within their group.

Those who recorded their games also had a chance to sit down with one of the coaches and analyse it. This proved extremely popular with Grandmaster Matthew Sadler in particular often surrounded by eager players. Matthew flew in from Amsterdam for the event and struck up an instant rapport with the children.

It was great to see so many current and former CJCC players. Congratulations in particular to Tommy Wood scoring 2.5/3 in Group D at his first ever chess event and Alexander Lockett and Max Pert both scoring 3/3 in Group B. All 3 received chess book prizes.

A report on the event will appear at but below are some photos from the day.

 CJCC Player Olga finding something to share during Matthew's presentation.

 Concentration in the Tournament Hall.

 CJCC player Jake closest to camera. Stewart in the grey sweatshirt.

GM Matthew Sadler's game analysis was popular all day. I took this photo after the event had officially finished but Matthew and the juniors were happily carrying on.

Best Wishes

Monday, 13 February 2017

1st H+H Fire Chess Holiday Camp

This week is the 1st H+H Fire Chess Holiday Camp. They’ll be another one immediately before the British Championships at the end of July. The event is hosted by IM Richard Pert who was assisted with the coaching by IM Adam Hunt and me.
Today was the first day and below are some photos of the coaching and the chess playing. We finished off with a series of team matches played over a number of boards with each player making one move on a board for their team before heading to the next.  
 Leading the top coaching group through a rook and pawn endgame.

 Selina and Byon concentrating hard.

 Group A in their multi-board match (won by the girls after an Armageddon play-off).

Group B in their multi-board match. CJCC player Adam nearest the camera.
CJCC will return next week (21st) with the older players.
Best Wishes

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

UK Chess Challenge Standings

Below are the latest standings for the CJCC stage of the UK Chess Challenge. Bertie beat Alice to take the lead and they both became the first two players to win a furry chess mascot. We’ll meet back on the 21st February with the older players.

Best Wishes

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Junior Chess Weekend 4th/5th February

Busy chess weekend. The National Primary Schools Chess Championship qualifier at Moulsham on Saturday and the Essex Junior Chess Association Coaching Day on Sunday.

We ended up with 22 teams at Moulsham (15 in the U11s, 7 in the U9s) from schools in Essex, Suffolk and London. Congratulations to Moulsham A and Moulsham C who both qualified for the South of England semi-finals. Both teams surpassed themselves with Moulsham A finishing 2nd and Moulsham C surprisingly taking the last qualifying spot.

Brentwood Prep and Elm Green (the other schools with CJCC players) U11s also qualified. This was particularly impressive for Elm Green in their first ever appearance in the competition. Below is a photo of Moulsham A (all 5 players are CJCC members).


It is no coincidence that the top players from all 3 schools have attended most of the EJCA Coaching Days and Brentwood Train and Play days. Expert coaching paired with regular competitive practice would help any young player to develop. More importantly though it was great to see so many players this weekend having fun playing and learning whatever their level.

It is the turn of the younger players this week at the club for the next round of the UK Chess Challenge. No CJCC meeting in half-term week. CJCC players Alexander and Jake will be joining me however at the 1st H+H Fire Chess Holiday Camp in Writtle on 13th/14th February.

Best Wishes