Wednesday, 30 December 2020


A successful day for CJCC. 

We won the 4-Way Team Battle Blitz with Brentwood School, KEGS and Colchester Juniors tonight. Over 50 juniors took part.

Christmas Clash Team Battle #qWXASZ5M •

Luoke led the CJCC team having just finished competing in the British Online Chess Championships. 

After 7 games over 4 days, Luoke finished 3rd overall in the Under 8s. Shrishti also played in the Under 8s and finished 12th. Congratulations to both of them on their fine performances.

Former CJCC player Nina Pert (Year 9) played in the British Women's Championship and finished 2nd. This was a fantastic achievement, competing against adult players.

Happy New Year!

Robin Slade ( 

Thursday, 24 December 2020

Art and Extra Christmas Chess

 Thank you to all CJCC players who have sent Christmas cards and in particular who have added their own artwork. 

Below is a fine drawing by Luoke who will be taking part in the British Online Under 8 Championships over Christmas. Shrishti is also playing from CJCC so the best of luck to both of them.

We have extra Christmas chess with so many of us at home. Boxing Day Kindness 9am on ChessKid and Boxing Day Blitz 7pm on lichess. 

CJCC will also be in a 4-team Essex Battle Blitz on 30th January with Brentwood School, KEGS and Colchester Juniors.

2021 will kick off with the Brentwood School Blitz (open to all Essex and Suffolk Juniors) on 3rd January, broadcast by IM Richard Pert on his TwitchTV channel.

Best Wishes for the New Year

Robin Slade (

Sunday, 6 December 2020

December Chess

With Christmas fast approaching, I'd like to wish all CJCC players and their families a Happy Christmas. It has been a busy and fun term of chess.

In lieu of snow this year, enjoy the card I created for 2019.

Those of you who played in the Brentwood School Blitz on Sunday 6th December can find the TwitchTV commentary at IMCheckThis - Twitch

This week we have our Wednesday 7pm CJCC blitz (9th), ChessKid With Kindness Tournament and Coaching 9am Saturday (12th) followed by the CJCC Saturday Blitz.

Below is some of what we have to enjoy over Christmas.

Sunday 20th December 10am – 11am

Essex Arena Battle Blitz – Brentwood School vs KEGS vs CJCC vs Suffolk Juniors vs Essex Juniors vs Colchester Juniors

Six-Way Shootout Team Battle #ydoT4IBl •


 Wednesday 30th December

CJCC Evening Blitz 7pm-8pm

CJCC Wednesday Evening Blitz Arena #o1zG4nde •


Sunday 3rd January 10am - 11am

16th Brentwood School First Sunday Blitz.

Ideal practice ahead of the Brentwood Scholarship Tournament

At some point in 2021, we can look forward to playing each other over the board once again.

Happy New Year!

Best Wishes

Robin Slade (