Wednesday, 20 November 2019

CJCC in Competition 19th November

I slipped two CJCC teams into a Year 7 and 8 school team competition KEGS were hosting and I was controlling on behalf of the English Chess Federation. Most of the players were in Year 6 and potentially joining KEGS next year.

It was a fun afternoon with the games played in excellent spirit. The CJCC players did pretty well but more importantly had a nice introduction to chess at KEGS.

CJCC A (Toby, Charlie, Evan, Luv and Karunya) scored wins over CCHS B and KEGS Yr 7 B in their 4 matches. CJCC B (Maheep, Adam, Hector, Hriday and Pankil) also beat CCHS B and drew with KEGS Yr 7 B. The A and B tags are misleading as I balanced the strength of the CJCC and KEGS teams.

Both KEGS Year 7 teams were led by current CJCC players. CJCC were also represented by current or former players in the victorious Brentwood A team, CCHS A, CCHS B and KEGS Year 8s.

 CJCC B heading for a tied match with KEGS Year 7 B. Hector and Pankil look deep in thought.

 Toby and Charlie looking focussed against CCHS B team.

The final game to finish drew a big crowd. In the picture are 6 current or former CJCC players representing 5 schools. This interest in and enthusiasm for the chess was great to see.

Next Tuesday (26th) will be a normal club meeting for the older players at CJCC.

Best Wishes

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

No Club 19th November and Brentwood Invitational

It was great to welcome Obi, Joshua and Louis to the club this week and Pankil and Amil last week.

No club next week (19th) as I'll be running a Year 7 and 8 school competition at KEGS. There is a strong CJCC interest.

Dinil, Joshua, Logan and Felix will be playing for KEGS. Alice S for CCHS. I've also slipped in two CJCC teams of Year 6 boys potentially going to the school next year.

Brentwood School (with former CJCC players Nina, Max and Jake) have the strongest Year 7 and 8 team in the country and will be favourites to reach the National Finals next week.

Last weekend I was involved in a great chess weekend at Brentwood School with a special Invitational tournament featuring some of the best young juniors in Essex and England. 4 of the 16 players involved - Nina. Max, Olga and Jake - are CJCC graduates. See if you can spot them in the photo at the bottom.

Current CJCC players Dinil, Maheep and Robert took part in a Reserves tournament as part of the same event.

The Invitational players all received a commemorative medal made and designed by Olga. If you would like to commission something unique for an event email Olga at

Running up to Christmas at CJCC it is 26th November and 10th December for the older players and 3rd December for the younger ones.

Best Wishes