Wednesday, 20 November 2019

CJCC in Competition 19th November

I slipped two CJCC teams into a Year 7 and 8 school team competition KEGS were hosting and I was controlling on behalf of the English Chess Federation. Most of the players were in Year 6 and potentially joining KEGS next year.

It was a fun afternoon with the games played in excellent spirit. The CJCC players did pretty well but more importantly had a nice introduction to chess at KEGS.

CJCC A (Toby, Charlie, Evan, Luv and Karunya) scored wins over CCHS B and KEGS Yr 7 B in their 4 matches. CJCC B (Maheep, Adam, Hector, Hriday and Pankil) also beat CCHS B and drew with KEGS Yr 7 B. The A and B tags are misleading as I balanced the strength of the CJCC and KEGS teams.

Both KEGS Year 7 teams were led by current CJCC players. CJCC were also represented by current or former players in the victorious Brentwood A team, CCHS A, CCHS B and KEGS Year 8s.

 CJCC B heading for a tied match with KEGS Year 7 B. Hector and Pankil look deep in thought.

 Toby and Charlie looking focussed against CCHS B team.

The final game to finish drew a big crowd. In the picture are 6 current or former CJCC players representing 5 schools. This interest in and enthusiasm for the chess was great to see.

Next Tuesday (26th) will be a normal club meeting for the older players at CJCC.

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