Monday, 28 March 2016

Easter Puzzle

This is a suitable puzzle for Easter by Sam Loyd titled “Faith”. White to play and mate in three. I’ll put the solution at the bottom of the post.

The club will be open over Spring Break for everyone who is about then revert to the older half on 12th April. They’ll be Easter treats for everyone and also certificates for all those who played 4 or more games in the UK Chess Challenge.
Moving forward the club will continue to alternate between the older and younger halves up to half-term week.

On Sunday 24nd April there is the latest EJCA chess tournament in Colchester. Entry forms are available via the club or at For anyone who will be playing their first tournament we’ll do some preparation down the club.

Congratulations to Olga who at 7 entered a mixed adult and junior tournament this weekend. She managed to correctly record her games (a requirement at these events but beyond some adult players) and score 2/5. This meant she outscored her dad who was playing in one of the higher sections. When we played over one of her wins she showed me her 4 step guide to the opening which we’ll share down the club.

Best Wishes

Mate in 3: 1c6 Kd4  2Qc2 3Nf5#. If 1..d4 then 2 Nd5 and if then 2..c3 3QxB# or 2.. f4 3Nf6#. Also symmetrical solutions with 1g6 etc.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

UK Chess Challenge Final Scores

This week we completed the last week of the Delancey UK Chess Challenge and below are the final scores and qualifiers for the Essex Megafinal. Overall 163 matches were played by 62 players. Congratulations to everyone who took part and thank you to Josh for taking charge of recording the results for the younger half.

The qualifiers are generally the highest scoring boy and girl from each school year with an adjustment to favour those who scored their points against the older players. I’ll send an entry form and more details on the Essex Megafinal to the qualifiers.
This weekend there is an Essex Junior Chess Association training afternoon at Saffron Walden I’ll be coaching at and I know a few of the CJCC players will be there. It is also the Southend FIDE Open Chess Congress where Olga and Findlay will be competing against adults so the best of luck to both of them.
Findlay played for the Essex U11 team last weekend along with Jamie and Sebastian and the county have qualified for the National Finals. It has been great for our club to have so many players involved with the U9 and U11 teams in the last couple of months

The club will be open over Easter for all our players.
Best Wishes

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Tournament Scores

Updated scores below after the final week of the tournament for the older half of the club. All those with a Q next to their name have already qualified for the Essex Megafinal. This includes Harry and Anika at the bottom of the second page whose Q's got chopped off. After next week - the final official week of the tournament - I'll put the results in a more accessible format.

Best Wishes

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Tournament Winner

We have a winner! Quite a few of the older players completed their tournament this week. Many congratulations to Ollie Etherington who managed to win every game to finish on 21 points. I’ll post the updated scores later in the week but below is a photo of Ollie receiving his trophy and a chess book. Presenting his prize is chess International Master and Essex champion Richard Pert.

Congratulations to Jerry, Harry, Max and Nina on their performances for the Essex Under 9 team last weekend and good luck to Sebastian, Jamie and Findlay in the Essex Under 11 team this weekend. Sorry to anyone I’ve forgotten. Happy Birthday as well to Max who was 6 today and rewarded our tuneless singing with birthday cake.

Best Wishes

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Recent Chess and Tournament Results

Last weekend I was involved with two junior chess events. On Saturday I did some coaching with the Essex U11 and Essex U9 squads. It was great to see the enthusiasm of the players and see Olga, Vera, Tom, Jerry, Harry, Sebastian and Findlay there from our club. Most of these (and a few others from the club) will be playing for Essex in the next couple of months.

Sunday I went with KEGS to a junior tournament in Bury St. Edmunds. Once again our club was well represented with 7 players. The U9s in particular did very well and special congratulations to Nina and Jerry for scoring 5/6 and splitting a £75 prize.

This Tuesday it was the turn of the younger players at the club. We also welcomed 6 new members – so hello to Thomas, Lucca, Lucy, Izzy, Henney and Alex. Josh took charge of the tournament after doing a bit of teaching on the demo board. Leon helped our newest players with their chess and even found time to beat Nina in the tournament. Both boys as ever did a great job helping out – thank you!

Below are the latest tournament standings which were easier to put together with Josh’s careful recording than my hurried scrawl. Congratulations to Anika and Francesca who became the first players to complete their 7 matches. Anika did particularly well to score 14 points and won herself a furry chess mascot.

Best Wishes

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Latest Tournament Standings

Below are the latest scores in the tournament after this week's meeting. Special mention to Ollie E for moving onto 5 wins out of 5 and for Harry Chivers for managing to play and win three matches. Most juniors only had time for two. Jerry is still one point ahead in the tournament but has played a game more than Ollie.

This Sunday Sebastian, Josh, Findlay, Jerry, Harry, Nina and Max will all be playing in the junior tournament at Bury St. Edmunds. I'll be there with them and the players from KEGS so good luck to all of them. It would be great for CJCC players to return with a prize or two from across the border.

Best Wishes

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

1st March Club Photos

Here we have a few photos of the older half of the club meeting this week (or at least mainly older players with a few younger ones who compete in Essex Junior tournaments).
Most juniors played 2 tournament matches and I’ll post the scores here later in the week when I’ve updated them. Congratulations to Ollie E who beat both joint leaders Stewart and Jerry to move to 5 wins out of 5.
 Spike (in green) making sure not to miss having his photo taken.

 Max and Jamie deep in concentration. Josh and Felix looking equally serious behind them.

 Ben and Dominic playing suicide chess (hence no kings).

Tolu proving the centre of attention.
Best Wishes