Monday, 25 September 2017

Train and Play 24th September

Yesterday was the 5th H+H Fire Train and Play event at Moulsham Junior School in Chelmsford. Joining International Master Richard Pert and me as guest coach was British Grandmaster Chris Ward.

70 children of all levels came along for a mixture of team competition and chess coaching. It was the closest team competition we have ever had and the final scores were...

1st Team Garry Kasparov 28.5 (managed by Essex Junior Chess Association coaching co-ordinator Nate Weersing).

2nd Team Judit Polgar 27.5 (managed by IM Richard Pert).

3rd Team Bobby Fischer 27 (managed by GM Chris Ward).

4th Team Magnus Carlsen 25 (managed by twice Essex champion and CJCC parent Russell White).

18 players from CJCC took part and special congratulations to Jixuan Li for being one of 6 children to score 3/3 in their games.

More details will appear at but for now here are some photos of the event.

Concentration with Ned closest to the camera and the tournament for parents in the background.

 An attentive coaching group doing some work with me in between matches.

 Selina (rightly) looking worried against Henri. Nate and Chris in the background watching the games.

 Team Manager and CJCC parent Russell White keeping a close eye on the action.

 The top board between Jenith (on the left) and Kyan in the last round.

The victorious Team Kasparov with Chris Ward on the left and Captain Kyan Bui holding the trophy. Thank you to Tony Fox for the photo.

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Monday, 18 September 2017

KEGS and Upcoming Chess

The new chess season is well under way now. On Sunday I went with KEGS to Eton College to take part in a one-day tournament. KEGS entered two teams made up of 6 players each with the A team scoring 19.5/30 to finish in the top 10 and the B team exceeding grades and expectations with 15.5/30. 

Finishing in the top half means KEGS B also qualify for the regional section of the National U19 School Championships. As most of the B team were from Year 7 and 8 this was a fine achievement and bodes well for the future. KEGS and their students are lucky to have a teacher in Tim Worrall willing to organise so much chess on behalf of the school. Next on the agenda is a weekend away at the junior 4NCL at the end of September.

CJCC player Ben Pickwick was playing in his first tournament for KEGS and scored a magnificent 5/5 for the B team. CJCC poster designer Elliot Cocks was part of KEGS A after flying back from representing England in the European Youth Championships in Romania the previous week.

Below is a photo of the event which took place in the palatial surroundings of the school hall.

Tomorrow (19th) is the first day of the new season at CJCC then on Sunday 24th is the next Train and Play event at Moulsham School with guest coach Grandmaster Chris Ward. Details at

Also at Moulsham on Saturday 7th October is the first EJCA Grand Prix tournament. Entry form via 

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