Wednesday, 28 October 2015

If you are an aspiring junior player ignore this as it could lead you into bad habits. 

Chess puzzles are a god way to improve when you are invited to find a checkmate or clever tactic and I have a wide selection to share for juniors of all ages and levels. This is the opposite – a self-mate puzzle.

These are my favourite type of chess problem. It is white to move. If he wanted to win he could deliver checkmate immediately in two different ways. No challenge there. But the problem is for white to move and force black to checkmate him. Black will play legal moves but pick the worst possible legal move. As usual white is moving up the board.

Doing this with juniors I cast the black player as King (or Queen) and the white player as a chess genius who needs to lose to this utterly useless but regal opponent to carry favour in court.

Warning: allowing the black pawn to promote on a1 won’t work because black picks a knight! This is generally the first try and gets a laugh when I stop the black player picking a queen. If you need the solution ask me but there are limited tries so you should get there pretty quickly.


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