Thursday, 21 January 2016

Club Changes

We’ve made some changes at the club due to the pleasant problem of how to accommodate so many players. In the last couple of weeks we’ve had over 40 children along each week which is really too many for me to be able to give them the quality of chess experience and coaching I want to.
So from next week (26th) we’ve split the club into two and each group will meet fortnightly. One group will be for the younger and newer players (Years 2-4) and the other for the older and more experienced players (Years 5-8). This way we’ll have about 20 players each week and can offer more effective coaching.
The boundaries are not set in stone. There are a few older players who are quite new to chess and might prefer the guidance in the younger group and a couple of younger ones who are very accomplished and might prefer the chess challenge of the older one. In addition where families have more than one child attending they are welcome to bring younger children to the older group or vice versa.
I’ll also be inviting a few of the older players to come along to the younger group to offer some help to the younger players. This is a good life skill to practice and something that everyone benefits from. It all should work out nicely but if not we’ll think again.
Congratulations to all our players who competed at Southend last Sunday. The EJCA tournaments are lovely events and it was nice to see so many new players there. Keep an eye at for the next one.
Tuesday 26th January Younger Group 4.45-6.15pm
Tuesday 2nd February Older Group 4.30-6pm
Tuesday 9th February Younger Group 4.45-6.15pm
Tuesday 16th February – Half Term – Club open and everyone welcome.
Tuesday 23rd February – Club Closed
Tuesday 1st March Older Group 4.30-6pm
Tuesday 8th March Younger Group 4.30-6pm etc.

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