Tuesday, 17 April 2018

First Week Back

This was the first week back after the Easter holidays and the turn of the older players. Certificates and mascots were handed out to all the tournament competitiors.

Congratulations to James Z for his "best player" medal won for his hard-fought battles in the UK Chess Challenge. Congratulations also to Adam for winning the "Player of the Week" trophy for spotting and explaining the combination on the demo board.

Good luck to Jake, Felix, Toby, Denil, Olga and Ben C as they represent the Essex U11 side in the National Finals. Stewart and Ben P will be with me the next two weekends representing KEGS in different competitions.

 Toby carefully watching Olga's game with Jixuan.

 Ben enjoying his game with Neil closest to the camera.

Cody deep in concentration against Stewart.

Best Wishes

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