Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Today's club

It was the older half of the club today and we had something that resembled the Caucus Race in Alice in Wonderland.

Part of the club split into two teams today and everyone played a single move on a board before moving to the next in a haphazard crocodile. Femi eventually delivered checkmate to finish the contest and return things to sanity.

 Luv and John at the head of the Caucus Crocodiles mid-race.

Anna and Ed - our Caucus Race captains - relaxing after the contest. Felix in the background has retired into the world of Percy Jackson.

Femi, Alex, Laurence, Hector, Anna and Josh all quicker to spot a camera than a tactic on the board. Alex and I teamed up to play Femi.

Milana and Janet teamed up against Alice. Janet's brother John in the background. Kush (standing) playing Luv in the top corner.

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