Tuesday, 25 June 2019

CJCC Photos 25th June

Fun and busy afternoon at CJCC. Very nice to welcome Joshua, Zachary, Zaina and Michael for the first time. Michael and Zachary are both in Reception which shows you can start playing young.

John bought the trophy along he won on Sunday and I was pleased to hand out a special trophy to Hector for his good sportsmanship in the tournament. Anna was our Player of the Week for the help she gave Zaina and the chess she played today alongside her excellent performance on Sunday.

 Milana is always quick to spot a camera. Michael having a mid-game snooze on the right.

 Dinil, Shray, Luv, Janet and Shrishti taking a break.

 Tokumbo, who also played on Sunday, on his way to a win over Kush.

Michael enjoyed a long game with Posi on his first visit to the club.

Best Wishes

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