Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Online Success for Olga and Upcoming Blitz Battles

Congratulations to Olga Latypova who has won two big online events recently - the 4NCL U1700 (a national competition) and the Essex Online U150. Both these events are open to adults and juniors. 

Here is Olga with her fragile-looking 4NCL trophy. Thank you to her dad Egor for the photo.

This weekend former CJCC player Nina will represent England in the European Online U12 Championships. The best of luck to her.

All CJCC players are invited to play in the Essex 4-Way Arena Battle Blitz on Sunday 27th. CJCC vs Colchester Juniors vs KEGS vs Brentwood. It should be fun! Essex Blitz Battle Team Battle 2709 •

This Saturday will see the first CJCC tournament double. Rising Stars (with coaching afterwards) at at 9am with the CJCC Blitz at at 11am. As ever, it will all be on Zoom to add to the social feel.

Just as well there is plenty of online chess to enjoy because competitive chess over the board seems a long way off. Both sites also have some excellent learning material. If you would like to know more, please get in touch.

Best Wishes

Robin Slade ( 

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