Monday, 5 April 2021

Online Chess

 It is great to see how many juniors have embraced playing online. It is not better or worse than playing over the board - just different.

Tonight over 50 juniors represented Essex in the latest monthly Inter-County Battle Blitz. Essex swept to victory in Division Two and return to Division One at the first attempt.

16th Inter-County Division 2 Team Battle #IiqhOtPw •

There is also a separate monthly Inter-County Battle Blitz competition just for girls. Essex have won both events so far.

CJCC will be in action in a National Team Battle Blitz on Thursday and an Essex Team Battle Blitz next week. 

Next week we will take on Colchester Juniors, KEGS, Colchester Grammar School, Brentwood School, Wanstead Juniors as well as an Essex Junior and Suffolk Junior Team.

In all these Team Battle Blitz events, teams can be of any size and players can play all or part of an event with no prior commitment. Any player who wants to can join a Zoom session during play to share the ups and downs of the competition.

CJCC also has a programme of individual tournaments at and along with coaching sessions. They all run with Zoom alongside.

All juniors are welcome to join our club. I will also create student accounts within CJCC for anyone who would simply like to explore the online chess world independently in a safe environment. Please get in touch for more details.

Best Wishes

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