Thursday, 10 June 2021

Over The Board Chess?

Currently, chess in Primary Schools is across the board in year bubbles while chess in senior schools is still virtual. I am currently involved with chess at Brentwood School, KEGS, St Cedd's and Widford Lodge.

Pupils at St Cedd's and Widford Lodge have physical chess within year bubbles. This week at St Cedd's we've enjoyed outdoor chess under the trees with a giant chess set.

Pupils at Brentwood Senior School have a physical weekly club within year bubbles but play each other on iPads. Pupils at KEGS do all their chess remotely.

There is a great variety of online chess available and using Zoom alongside and allows for interactive coaching. 

This will carry on regardless of the latest easing (or not) of covid restrictions. This weekend Essex Juniors take on Bayern Munich and Werder Bremen football clubs in their first International Battle.

Essex-Suffolk-Werder-HSK-FCB Team Battle #aYJvCgPQ •

Hopefully CJCC along with the rest of the chess world will be able to move to a mix of over the board and online chess over the summer. I am looking to run some physical chess in Christ Church in Chelmsford along with weekly online coaching and tournaments. 

Chelmsford adult club is looking to return physically at the end of June.

Like everyone else, I will be looking at what is allowed and what feels sensible before making a decision. Fingers crossed though....

Best Wishes

Robin Slade (

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