Friday, 20 November 2015

Next Tuesday British Under 15 Champion Daniel Gallagher has kindly agreed to come along to the club to take on a number of our players in a simultaneous match. It is rare to have the opportunity to take on a national champion and should be a challenging and fun afternoon.

Last week we had a competition to win a copy of Spiderman 2 which turned up unexpectedly inside a chess book I’d got on ebay. We have a growing collection of chess books written for juniors at the club which everyone is welcome to borrow.

The puzzle was to find the square to put the black king on to allow a checkmate in one move for white (see below). Congratulations for Stewart for picking d3 (now find the checkmate!) but other players honed in on c6. It turned out the original puzzle was misprinted to allow 2 solutions so Stewart got the dvd and everyone else got drinks and biscuits. I think a white bishop on a8 would fix it.

Congratulations to everyone who played at Basildon the previous weekend. Full results will appear at Harry (our youngest competitor from the club age 5) was our best scorer and qualified for the London Junior Chess Championships with 4/6 in the Under 8 section.

This week I’ve been to coach at Springfield Primary and Moulsham Primary in Chelmsford and visited KEGS where 30+ boys from Years 7 and 8 took part in an after school tournament to try and get a place on the school team. In lieu of any photos from our club this week (I had the camera – just didn’t get a chance to turn it on) check out the photo on the KEGS twitter feed. It is great to see chess doing so well in some of our schools in Chelmsford.

Best Wishes

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