Wednesday, 11 November 2015

This Sunday is the Basildon Junior Chess Congress (one of a series that make up the Essex Grand Prix). Players from our club will be competing in all the sections from Under 6 to Under 18. Best of luck to everyone and results will appear at

Some players (juniors and adults) enjoy the competition of tournament chess and others prefer to play purely socially. Some enjoy solving puzzles and others enjoy looking at famous games and trying to work out the moves. One of the great things about chess is that you choose your own path.

Last week at the club the players in Year 5 and above looked at the first part of a game that will end in a fatal assault on the black king and debated the moves they would play at different stages. Points were awarded for choices and explanation. We’ll see the end of the game in a future week. Link below to the game.

Next week the younger players will be looking at dangers at the start of a game.

We’ll be using this puzzle soon as it is a favourite of mine. Devised by the rich imagination of English problem composer Thomas Dawson it invites you to find a checkmate in one move for white. No problem there but then you put the mating piece (and any captured piece) in the box and find a fresh checkmate. And again. And again. In total there are 12 consecutive checkmates to find. Enjoy!

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