Tuesday, 14 November 2017

CJCC 14th November

Busy afternoon at the club today with the older players. Ben Pickwick was our "Player of the Week" for demonstrating one of his own games on the big board to the rest of the club.

Recording your games so you can look over them afterwards with a stronger player is one of the best ways to improve. It also lets you enjoy your triumphs once again.

Thank you to Min for bringing cake for everyone to celebrate Jixuan's birthday.

Good luck to all our players taking part in the EJCA Grand Prix event at Basildon this weekend.

 Josh is carefully recording his game with Olga. We will look at it together at the adult club in Chelmsford on Thursday evening.

Bertie looks to have gone astray in his match. Francesca and Cody are playing in the background.

Hriday and Lawrence keen to get in the picture. Alex is playing Nikita with behind them Ben watching Stewart playing Jake.

Best Wishes

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