Wednesday, 10 January 2018

"Player of the Week"

Great first week back with the younger half. Thank you to Theo Flower for coming along to help out. He did a great job coaching and supporting the younger children. Welcome to Joshua, Rishi and Khrisha who came along for the first time.

It was the first week of the UK Chess Challenge so all the children got their badges and those who scored a win got their first gold spot. There were some nice checkmates - Nikita caught Hriday with a sneaky back rank mate and George got a very tidy queen and king mate against Kaan.

Each week I hand out a trophy to "Player of the Week". Runner-up was Cody who showed a great attitude in pushing Adam all the way in their match. The winner however was Wolfie - pictured below with his brother Freddie lurking behind - who won his first ever tournament match with his checkmate against Theo Scola.

Thank you to his mum for the photo - I was too busy with the tournament to take any this week.

Best Wishes

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