Monday, 18 February 2019

CJCC dates and tournament standings

Hector and Kai are our joint leaders at the moment on 16 points so well done to the pair of them. The current standings are below. A few players are still on 100% so might well catch our frontrunners before Easter.

Hector had that bit of good fortune all winners need last week when Jixuan thought Hector had checkmated him when in fact he could have simply taken Hector's queen! Well done to Jixuan for taking his oversight in good spirits.

Congratulations to Andrew Podgorski for being our Player of the Week for spotting the winning idea in our demo board position and for being selected for the Essex U11 team.

We'll meet back on 26th February and the dates up to Easter are as follows.

Older Group - 26th Feb, 12th March, 26th March.

Younger Group - 5th March, 19th March, 2nd April.

Don't forget to sign up for the Train and Play event on 3rd March. Learn from one Grandmaster, one International Master, one Women's Grandmaster (and me!). Details at

Best Wishes

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