Wednesday, 15 January 2020

UK Chess Challenge and New Members

We are two weeks into the new term at CJCC.

Already we have welcomed 9 new members - Hannah, Sachin, Arjun, Shaasvath, Hugo, Amelia, Henry, Yashas and Daniel. I think that is all of them!

We are also two weeks into the UK Chess Challenge - our 7-round tournament running up to Easter.

Adam is leading with 9 points (3 wins) from John with 8. Most players have only played 2 rounds (you can only play 2 rounds a week) and of these only Joshua O, Evan and Shristi have 6 points.

Shristi (Year 3) was a checkmating machine the first week and won the Player of the Week trophy.

Already we have played over 40 games and 50 children have taken part.

All of which means no photos yet this term - I've been too busy pairing the tournament and doing some group learning on the demonstration board.

Yesterday the older players watched World Champion Magnus Carlsen get it wrong (Eddie and his glove puppet guessed the right move) while the previous week the younger ones learned about pins and forks.

It is the turn of the younger players next week (21st).

Best Wishes

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