Saturday, 20 June 2020

CJCC online update

CJCC continues to expand and develop online along with chess in general.

We alternate our Tuesdays between and The majority of the children have student accounts I have created on both sites.

On ChessKid we have two tournaments - Rising Stars at 4pm and Superstars at 5pm. On lichess we all play in one tournament at 4.30pm with the option of linking up on Zoom. Occasionally, our lichess tournament is a chess variant tournament like Crazyhouse.

In addition CJCC have two different Saturday events at

There is a monthly CJCC Saturday Blitz Tournament open to any Essex Junior player below a certain grade. I also organise a Sunday Blitz the following day on behalf of Brentwood School open to any Essex Juniors regardless of grade. Many CJCC players choose to play in both.

There is also a monthly CJCC Coaching Day where I deliver coaching sessions to small groups via Zoom and Lichess. Using Zoom's screenshare facility, we can all view the same chess positions while we discuss them. Next Saturday (27th June) 22 children have signed up split into 4 groups when we will look at lessons to learn from a complete game and complimentary positions.

If you wish to join CJCC's online adventure or find out more about online chess please email me.

Good luck to Luoke ("NewWhiteBaseball", Year 3) who has qualified to represent a UK junior team against the USA in an online match next week.

Best Wishes
Robin Slade

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