Monday, 13 July 2020

100 Online Members

CJCC continues to grow online with our mix of tournaments and coaching, split between and

Using Zoom during some of the tournaments and to deliver group coaching sessions means it feels like a real club despite being in a virtual world.

We now have 100 members online which is a great feeling.

This week (14th) we'll have our Rising Stars and Superstars tournaments on ChessKid.

Next week (21st) we'll have our first Chess960 Arena Blitz on Lichess with (as usual for CJCC Lichess events) Zoom running alongside.

Saturday 25th July will see the latest CJCC Group Coaching Day using Zoom ScreenShare with Lichess. This time, practical chess endgames.

I also run online chess for Brentwood School, KEGS, St Cedd's and Elm Green.

One advantage of being online is to allow future KEGS students to represent their new school and meet the current KEGS players ahead of starting in September. Many CJCC players have also been part of the Essex Junior Battle Blitz team.

Good luck to our Gigafinalists. Well done to Olga who won the first U12 Girls Gigafinal and goes straight through to the Terafinal.

The world of online chess continues to grow!

Best Wishes
Robin Slade

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