Thursday, 6 August 2020

CJCC's First Battle Blitz Match

Tonight I organised a 3-way Arena Battle Blitz Match at between CJCC, Brentwood School and KEGS.

This was CJCC's first ever chess match. CJCC finished very respectably between Brentwood and KEGS on 103 points.

13 CJCC players made up our team. More were representing their schools. George (EvenNimbleCamel) was CJCC's top scorer. CJCC player Evan (GingerNinja20) top-scored for KEGS (where he starts in September).

This was all about having fun representing your club or school. Over 40 children entered. We will do it again.

Coming up in the next week...

Sat 8th  - CJCC Blitz at Lichess.
Sun 9th - Brentwood School Blitz at Lichess.
Mon 10th - St Cedd's Closed Tournament on ChessKid.
Tue 11th - CJCC Closed Blitz on ChessKid.
Wed 12th - Brentwood School Social Tournament on Lichess.
Thu 13th - KEGS Year 7 Tournament on Lichess.

All apart from the Brentwood Blitz will have Zoom running alongside to add to the fun.

Best Wishes
Robin Slade

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