Saturday, 11 June 2016

CJCC Chess Workshop

CJCC ran a chess workshop today (Saturday) for juniors who play in the Essex tournaments or for the Essex junior teams and are looking for a little extra help with their chess. This is something I plan to organise once a month. We looked at a great game together (Fuderer vs O’Kelly 1950) and had a go playing it on in pairs from the position after move 14 (Kf8).

The moves are below or you can play it through at

 1. e4 e5

2. Nf3 Nc6

3. Bb5 a6

4. Ba4 f5   Attacks e4 but weakens king.

5. d4 ed4 White plays to get his pieces out while blocking black’s development (restrict pieces, stop black castling).

6. e5 Bc5   6e5 stops Nf6.

7. O-O Nge7

8. Bb3 Na5  -  8Bb3 stops O-O. Think about opponent’s idea when deciding your move. Important idea (well done Toby!).

9. c3 Nb3

10. Qb3 d5   10..d5 because of 11Ng5 threat.

11. ed6 Qd6   Don’t forget en passant.

12. cd4 Bb6

13. Re1 h6   13Re1 stops Bd6, pins the N and threatens Bg5.

14. Nc3 Kf8   After 14..Kf8 is where some of you played on from.

15. Bf4 Qf6   If 15..Qxf4, 16Rxe7 and checkmate or N fork to follow.

16. Qa3 Be6   16Qa3 another pin on the e7N.

17. d5 Bg8

18. Be5 Qf7

19. d6 cd6   If 19..Ng6 20dc+ Qe7 21Bd6.

20. Bd6 Re8

21. Ne5   eg 21..Qe6 22Bxe7+ Rxe7 23Ng6+ Qxg6 24Qxe7#

Black Resigns

This week (14th) it is the turn of the older players so we might look at the finish of this game again. 15Bf4 is a lovely move and the juniors enjoy working out how to finish off a wounded king.

On Sunday 26th June it is the final ECJA tournament of the season in Saffron Walden. Entry forms and details from

Best Wishes

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