Friday, 17 June 2016

Photo Boards

Congratulations to Anika who came along to the club Tuesday proudly wearing a chess medal she had won in Kent the previous weekend. Anika stayed with her friend Shlok and (at 5 years of age) scored 3/6 in an U9 tournament. Shlok flew off to Greece yesterday to represent England at the European School Championships so perhaps some of his chess magic rubbed off on Anika. Essex Juniors Elliot and Giulio are also in Greece and you can follow their progress via the link below.

Next weekend a number of CJCC players will be competing at the EJCA tournament in Saffron Walden. Good luck to all of them. I’ve put a couple of boards together for the event to advertise our club in Chelmsford so the CJCC players in the photos might reach minor celebrity status at the tournament.

Best Wishes



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